Zwierzyniecka II

Tychy, ul. Zwierzyniecka
od 88 m2 do 120 m2
od 109 m2 do 379 m2

Estate of single-family houses and terraced flats

In the Zwierzyniec district, at Zwierzyniecka street, less than four kilometres from the very centre of Tychy, a modern estate of single-family houses and flats is under construction. The project is a continuation of the design concept of the estates at Wiązowa Street and the first estate currently under construction at Zwierzyniecka Street, which proved very popular with our customers. We have similar architecture and colours, but also a cosy feel, due to the small number of buildings on the estate.

The functionality of our properties has not changed. Each house is a separate building, which means that it is separated from the neighbouring one by an expansion wall, ensuring appropriate acoustic comfort. At the front of the buildings, there are comfortable, open driveways with a minimum of two parking spaces, which, together with the garages, provide adequate comfort. At the back of the buildings, there are large enclosed gardens about 10 metres long.

Each flat has a separate, independent entrance to the building and its own garden, separate from the neighbouring one.


Advantages of our houses

Buildings are characterised by a well-thought-out layout of rooms and very good interior lighting. The biggest advantages of the project include:

  • Possibility of interior arrangement (even up to 5 rooms)
  • Possibility of combining the kitchen with the living room or separating it
  • The full height of rooms on the first floor (no slants)
  • Attic with the possibility of adaptation to storage space
  • Living room with a large, panoramic sliding window to the garden
  • Wide (5 m) and therefore comfortable access roads within the estate

The compact shape of the buildings makes them economical to maintain, and the modern, minimalist architecture ensures the timeless attractiveness of the concept.

Zwierzyniecka II Zwierzyniecka II

Property with an unfinished interior

The offer includes property with an unfinished interior together with the full infrastructure of the estate including:

  • driveways to garages,
  • external fencing of buildings,
  • enclosures for waste bins,
  • utilities: water, electricity, gas, municipal rainwater and sanitary sewage system, internet
  • energy recovery ventilation

The buildings are issued after technical acceptance.

Mapa dojazdu Zwierzyniecka II