Wiązowa I

Tychy, ul. Wiązowa
106 m2
180-270 m2

Closed estate of detached houses and terraced housing.

The project consisting of ten terraced houses was completed in 2012 - 2013.

The estate is enclosed, with an internal courtyard available only for residents. Each house has a small garden, garage and two parking spaces.

Wiązowa I

Property with an unfinished interior

All buildings have been handed over with unfinished interiors with a developed courtyard, a place for waste bins, fencing and all utilities (water, electricity, rainwater drainage, sanitary sewerage).

Project advantages

Well-thought-out architecture, conservative design of the buildings, the formula of a closed housing estate and compact size of gardens are the basic distinguishing features of this development. It was our first undertaking in this district.

Mapa dojazdu Wiązowa I