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The idea of the new estate

The idea of the Lawendowe housing estate is to create a place where the needs of residents, their comfort, peace and safety will come first. We have made sure that the location of the development provides space which is difficult to find in typical downtown multi-family buildings. At the same time, we remembered about the very good connections of the location with the key parts of the city. Although it is situated on the outskirts, we have everything that the city centre offers at our fingertips, at the same time enjoying the benefits of the suburbs.

The Lawendowe housing estate is a cosy residential development located at the intersection of Lawendowa and Czarna streets in Tychy. It combines the advantages of low, 3-storey buildings, functional and modern architecture and location, which provides its residents with space, safety and comfort.

The construction of the estate has been divided into stages, within which two buildings will be erected. Each building will contain two-, three- and four-room flats with areas ranging from 31 to 66 sqm. In total, there will be just 41 flats in the entire estate. Well-thought-out interior plans, large balconies and gardens, as well as private parking for residents, make it possible to adjust the space to individual needs.

Realizacja Lawendowa

Functional interiors and high quality

Future residents of our properties can expect functional interiors of their flats, which will be accessed by excellently finished, durable and really good-looking interiors of shared parts. Despite the fact that there are only two floors in the building, each of them will be equipped with a quiet lift from a renowned manufacturer, which guarantees that returning from shopping or entering with a pram will not be a problem. The lift is also a great convenience for seniors and people with disabilities.

A total of 41 functionally designed flats will be at your disposal. Each flat on the first floor will have a convenient storage room assigned to it. Buyers of flats on the ground floor will be offered more practical solutions from the perspective of having a garden, and aesthetic garden houses, which will accommodate both garden tools and sports equipment.

A characteristic feature of our flats is large, three-pane glazing ensuring very good lighting of rooms, regardless of their orientation. Thanks to underfloor heating, there are no radiators on the walls, so they do not limit the possibilities of room arrangement. We have prepared several flats for those who particularly like space, with a floor-to-ceiling height of almost 3 metres.

When you get to know the property better, you will discover that thanks to its location, well-thought-out layout and neighbourhood, it provides incomparably greater privacy than typical city-centre buildings.

Out of concern for the environment and safety

Out of concern for the environment, we use only certified and appropriately attested building materials, at the same time taking care of proper disposal of all construction waste. We pay particular attention to the thermal insulation of buildings and providing them with proper ventilation, which is of great importance for the health and well-being of the residents.

The entire housing estate has been prepared in such a way that it can be closed with a barrier or a gate and protected with monitoring, so as to provide future residents with the greatest possible sense of security and peace.

Stability and quality appreciated by many customers and contractors. Your new flat is waiting, call us!

Lawendowa Lawendowa

Cosy buildings and green surroundings

Simple shape, very low-rise buildings, large glazings and original balcony design combine to give our project a light and modern character. Undoubtedly, a characteristic feature of the estate is the colours and the combination of materials used for particular elements of the facade, which will stylishly distinguish the estate. It is worth mentioning that some flats even have two large balconies with an area of several square metres, which is becoming more and more important nowadays.

All ground-floor flats will have large gardens with areas ranging from 60 m2 to over 300 m2 - the size that can be found in single-family housing developments. The common areas will be as green as the gardens, thanks to which this place will be really beautiful. Of course, there will be plenty of space for the youngest inhabitants to play within the fenced estate.

The parking spaces have been planned in an equally functional way. There are almost 60 parking spaces in a private car park, dedicated only to the residents, some of which are roofed and can be assigned to a given flat.

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