Tychy, ul Czarna
od 81 do 135 m2
od 150 do 340 m2

Closed estate of detached houses and terraced housing.

Estate of single-family terraced houses erected in 2016 - 2017 consisting of fourteen houses and two flats.
Each building is an independent structure separated by expansion walls - this guarantees thermal and acoustic comfort.


Property with an unfinished interior

All rooms are of full height, and the arrangement of room division (up to 5 rooms) is consistent with the customers' wishes. There is a large attic above the first floor, which can be adapted to, e.g. storage space.

The estate was made with unfinished interiors and full infrastructure of the estate: driveways to garages, external fencing of buildings, enclosures for waste bins, and utilities: water, electricity, gas, municipal rainwater and sanitary sewage system.

Project advantages

In addition to the garage, each building has a minimum of two parking spaces. The open nature of the driveways gives plenty of space and comfortable parking.

Each segment has its own fenced garden with a southern orientation.

Mapa dojazdu Czarna