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A house at Dzwonkowa Street
Nice, reliable and professional customer service from the moment of signing the contract to the moment of handing over the house for use. In case of any problems, you can count on fast help and advice. I definitely recommend this company to everyone.
Development at Wiązowa Street
A truly recommendable developer. Professional customer care from the very first meeting, through the purchase process, finishing works and even at the adaptation stage after moving in ;)
A house at Wodna Street
A highly recommendable developer. Excellent communication. If they promise something, they try to keep their word. If something is done wrong, they try to fix it.
Dzwonkowa Street
A reliable company. Professional approach to customers and services. My family and I have our dream house thanks to Stabilio Domy. Highly recommended
Basia & Michał
A house on Dzwonkowa Street
‘The first house is built for an enemy, the second for a friend and only the third for yourself’. When building a house with Stabilio this saying becomes obsolete. Stabilio is a company which combines the dreams of its customers with rational design, optimisation of solutions and professional implementation. It is a company which focuses on understanding its customers' needs and meticulously fulfilling their requirements. All this is supported by the extensive experience of both the employees and the contractors. Stabilio is created by people who are full of commitment to what they do and who support the customer at every stage of the development. The professionalism, from the design to handing over the keys, is of the highest standard. Having lived in the house of our dreams and being confident about the future in it, we can wholeheartedly recommend Stabilio as an excellent contractor and construction partner.
Semi-detached house at Dzwonkowa Street
We have very positive memories of our cooperation with Stabilio. Thanks to their open approach and flexibility, we were able to live in a house which met all our needs (which involved changes in the original design). We were in constant contact with the developer, thanks to which we were able to influence the details which we had not thought of before. We were not left without support on any issue, even after the construction was completed. Looking back at the development we carried out together, we perceive the Stabilio company as a reliable and trusted partner in the property development market.
houses at Wiązowa Street
I fully recommend the company. I have been living in a house built by Stabilio Domy for two years now, and I am very satisfied. The house is made very reliably, and so far, there have not been any failures or defects which would be the developer's fault. Highly recommended
A resident
The housing estate at Czarna Street
Cooperation with Stabilio from the first meeting was very professional. At each stage of the construction process, I could count on a professional dialogue and, what is very important - a large amount of understanding and patience. People who are building a house know what I mean. It was very important for me to take care of all kinds of permits, arrangements and agreements which were necessary to complete the development. All this was taken care of by Stabilio. We have been living in our house for a few months now, and we can still count on the developer's help. I sincerely recommend it!